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  • Вести 23.04.2018
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Mike Monak - 27.08.2018
Dont trust anything from ABC news
DaMon Turnbull - 27.08.2018
Plant a tree
*_Samuel_* - 26.08.2018
you 911 people ar s ignortant watch out for 10.00
Mean Mr. Mustard - 24.08.2018
This is not Australian TV!!
RD0403 - 24.08.2018
ABC is the best new service in Australia!
Soul Equaliser - 23.08.2018
"not far right enough"!! So Turnbull isn't racist enough for the rest of his party. LOL FFS!
gomezguera - 23.08.2018
I enjoy a lot your distinguished accent...very fine...ideal for improving speach listening
Sam - 23.08.2018
politicians and lawyers are all dogs.. completely out of touch with the average citizen.. no wonder the states voted in trump... we need Hanson!
Ned Ludd - 23.08.2018
Leadership Circus 2018! WOOO! Bring on the election!
DIEZE CHANNEL - 21.08.2018
Oh.. No Russian is good
Kevin Basil Magnus - 21.08.2018
Thankyou ABC for allowing insights into the GreatAUS. Cheers!
Mr_Brainiac - 16.08.2018
Everyone watch 9/11 jumpers it’s so sad
Mr_Brainiac - 16.08.2018
Can we do the falling man it’s so sad
Sy Sharp - 10.08.2018
Loved your recent free speech video upload with no comments section 👌
Embege TV - 09.08.2018
TINA COLBY - 08.08.2018
Why not reinvent the system? There is a Solution. Because everyone is or has been on the Same page, no one has has come up with. Be the Leader.
김동우 - 08.08.2018
So difficult australia english ..
Egberto Limeira - 07.08.2018
Everlasting theme of the Brazilian society Historically there are many marriages and mating between the elements of the 3 powers along with public and private companies; They are families protecting themselves from what they call "little people"; How to modify this system and maintain democracy at the same time? We are in a very serious situation; The elections are there .. !! Which of these candidates will continue to support LAVAJATO? ; How to filter the information we receive if the federal government pays 6 billion reals in the press? After the elections, non-reelected politicians will lose the PRIVILEGED FORUM; We will have to pay attention again; The situation is very serious; See who Alkimim is approaching so he can have time on the TV / radio; I imagine the following scene; Judge Gilmar Mendes resolves to free Fernandinho Beira Mar; free Fernandinho is running for senator; Brazil has 600,000 prisoners, so Fernandinho is elected either by the prisoners or their descendants; Hence Alkimim says the following: Fernandinhooooo .. !! my friend ; The situation is very serious; That's the tip. Historically our political class has been able to make democracy and democracy without the following: The average retirement age of the PUBLIC SECTOR: Executive: 9 thousand reais Legislative: 28 thousand reais Judiciary: 25 thousand reais Prosecutor's Office: 30 thousand reais. The PRIVATE SECTOR's average retirement, which produces of: R $ 1,600.00 (one thousand six hundred reais). THE PUBLIC SECTOR SPEND 115 billion with 1 million retirees; which gives an average of R $ 115,000 per retiree. THE PRIVATE SECTOR, which produces SPEND 500 BILLION WITH 33 MILLION OF RETIRED; THAT R $ 15.5 THOUSAND FOR RETIREMENT. THE PUBLIC SECTOR HAS A DEFICIT OF R $ 1.3 TRILLION TO 1 MILLION OF PEOPLE ; WHAT 130 THOUSAND PER PERSON THE DEFICIT OF THE PRIVATE SECTOR THAT PRODUCES 450 BILLION 29 MILLION PEOPLE; WHAT 15 THOUSAND PER PERSON MORAL OF THE HISTORY OF OUR ECONOMIC POLICY: THERE IS A SHARED TRANSFER OF INCOME FROM THE PRODUCTION SECTOR. WHAT PRODUCED FOR THE IMPRODUCTIVE; FROM THE POOR TO THE RICH. WITH THE WORD TO OUR CANDIDATES .... !!! Source: JOVEM PAN / Folha de São Paulo / IBGE
朱丽Julie Yang - 06.08.2018
Im here to learn eng also
Rafid Khan - 04.08.2018
3 girls of Dhaka City College are missing and 4 are spot dead near science lab. A group of Bangladesh Chatro League are attacking girls at City College. 4 girls has been “raped” by “Chatro league” at Jhigatola.A small group of girls from Badrunnesa college got stuck by a group of almost 50 people of Bangladesh Chatro League at Shaheed Minar. Girls are also being raped at Awami League office near Dhanmondi.The girls are still missing atm! #CNN #BBCNews #Aljazeera . please help the student of Bangladesh..please broadcast . our govt. slowed the internet connection of our country even they told our TV station not to broadcast...please we need you to stand with us... :')
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